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Myplace 對疫情實施的防護措施 員工的健康管理及防止感染 每天早上落實測量體溫及自我健康評估。負責櫃檯的接待員工皆全員配戴口罩。為了徹底防疫及管理,若因個人行程而有遠行(如到縣外等)也落實向公司報告的義務。 館內的...
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Okinawa marine activities & tours (MyPlace discount available)

International hostel in Okinawa, 'MyPlace' offers a wide range of activities and tours in Okinawa. We pick us some activities we highly recommend you to try out! Book tours at a discounted price at MyPlace tourist information.

4/11 日航呈獻琉球海焰節 巡遊! (延期)

"Kaiensai" is one of the most popular fireworks festival in Okinawa! We will organize a special cruising tour for the festival! The seats are limited! Make an unforgettable experience in Okinawa!!

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MyPlace news

旅遊諮詢中心 @那霸 開門!!

Tourist information located near the ferry terminal to Kerama island! We help you to book local activities such as diving tours, fishing tours, bus tours and more! Over night luggage storage service is also available with a little fee.