Dorm(mix/female) / Group room

Ideal for solo travelers on budget. 

You will be provided a security locker.

This room can be booked as a private group room.

*Max 6 people→3 people to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Single / Double

A comfortable double bed, working desk, and TV are in the room.

This room can be booked as a single-use or double for 2 persons.

4 beds private

The port view room is perfect for a small group who want some privacy. 

This room has 4 beds, toilet, shower, and TV.
It has all you need. 

Standard twin

Spacious port view room for 2 persons. 

Basic amenities and facilities but high cost-performance!

Deluxe twin

It is spacious twin room with great port view. 

Mini-fridge and tea sets are prepared as well as some amenities.