Staff introduction

Hostel Manager
Spoken languages: Japanese / English / Chinese(?)
Countries have been: Australia, Philippines
Like: Watching netflix
Special skills:Imitating Oden kun (*Ask me to do)
Favorite spots:Aka island, Naminoue shrine, Umisora park, Sunset beach
Comments:I hope you will enjoy your stay at MyPlace!
Spoken languages: Japanese / English / Chinese(?) Korean(?)
Countries have been: England, Thai, New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, Italy, Spain, France
Like: Hot spring, Coffee
Special skills: Drawing
Favorite spots: Dragon God’s Bath, coffee potohoto, Sumiyoshi park
Comments: If anyone is interested in free diving nearby Naha, let me know 🙂
Discipline manager
Cycling manager
Spoken languages: Japanese / English / Spanish(?)
Countries have been: US, Korea, Spain, France, Canada, Taiwan
Like: Surfing, Scuba diving
Special skills: Working in the fields
Favorite spots: Ta waterfall, Hiji waterfall, Yones yamashiro coast
Comments: We have two hammocks! Please come and try it out!
Spoken languages: Chinese / Japanese / English
Countries have been: Japan / Thai / Korea
Like: Movies / Sports
Special skills: Kick boxing
Favorite spots:
Comments: Myplace is your place! 
The destroyer
Spoken languages: Japanese / English / Visayan(?)
Countries have been: Japan / South Korea / Taiwan / Malaysia / Thailand / China / Hong Kong / Cambodia / Antigua and Barbuda / Philippines / USA / Canada / Mexico / Singapore / Republic of Palau
Like: Travel / Football / Kickboxing
Special skills: Handstand
Favorite spots: Kerama Islands / Araha beach / Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park
Comments: Myplace is your place.  See you guys in Okinawa!!
Spoken languages: Japanese / English / Spanish(?) / French(?)
Countries have been: UK / France / Spain / Germany / Austria / Belgium / Netherlands / Portugal / Italy / Vatican / Malta / Sweden / Denmark / Greece / Monaco / Switzerland / Australia / Egypt / Turkey / Indonesia / Philippines / Singapore / Thailand / Laos / Cambodia / Mexico / Guatemala / Belize / USA
Like: Traveling / Hot spring
Special skills: Being sarcastic
Favorite spots: Hamahiga island
Comments: Let’s share travel stories!

Master of coin

Staff wanted!

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