Staff introduction

Hostel Manager
Spoken languages:French /English / Japanese
Countries have been: Japan
Like: Japanese Rock (UVERworld), Gundam, Motorsports
Special skills:Remembering very old past event
Favourite spots:Shikinaen, Cyuraumi Aquarium, City of Nago
Comments:Okinawa is a wonderful island. Let’s build together a warm Place where everyone can think “this is also MY place”. 
Spoken languages: Japanese / Korean / English
Countries have been: Japan/ South Korea/ China/ Philippines/ Thailand/ Vietnam/ Indonesia/ Malaysia/ India/ Saudi Arabia/ UAE/ Turkey/ Myanmar/ Laos/ Sri Lanka/ Australia/ Samoa/ Solomon Islands/ Tonga/ New Zealand/ Banuatu/ Papua New Guinea/ Fiji/ USA/ Canada/ Cuba/ Guatemala/ Costa Rica/ Dominican Republic/ Panama/ Bahama/ Mexico/ Argentina/ Uruguay/ Ecuador/ Colombia/ Chile/ Paraguay/ Brazil/ Venezuela/ Peru/ Angola/ Uganda/ Egypt/ Ghana/ Ethiopia/ Cameroon/ Kenya/ Cote d’Ivoire/ Congo/ Sudan/ Senegal/ Nigeria/ South Africa
Like: Basketball/ playing musical instruments/ traveling/ eating/ drinking/ playing with dogs 
Special skills: Once I go to bed, I won’t wake up.
I can talk to the dogs (But, they don’t answer me back.)
Favourite spots: Main place/ Ruby diner/ Ramen shop Rekishiwokizame/ Coffee shop Kurisutaru/ Kokusaidori
Comments: Okinawa is the best! 
Imitation guy
Konnichi HI
Spoken languages: English/ Malay/ Japanese
Countries have been: Japan/ England/ Belgium/ the Netherlands/ Australia/ Thailand/ Singapore
Like: Travelling/ writing/ cats/ cooking/ language learning/ anime/ manga
Special skills:Daydreaming for hours on end
Favourite spots:Churaumi Aquarium
Comments:Home is where the heart is. We just hope yours is with us!
Spoken languages: Japanese/ English/ Vietnamese (French?)
Countries have been: Vietnam/ Australia/ Morocco/ Spain/ Portugal/ Peru/ Bolivia/ Argentine/ Paraguay/ Brazil/ India/ Mongolia/ Thailand/ Laos/ Myanmar/ South Korea
Like: Traveling/ Humming
Special skills: Laughing out deadly loud
Favourite spots: Kerama islands/ Sunset view from Tomari Ohashi
Comments: MyPlace is YOUR place! Let’s share the nice moment at MyPlace:)
Spoken languages: Japanese / English / Visayan(?)
Countries have been: Japan / South Korea / Taiwan / Malaysia / Thailand / China / Hong Kong / Cambodia / Antigua and Barbuda / Philippines / USA / Canada / Mexico / Singapore / Republic of Palau
Like: Travel / Football / Kickboxing
Special skills: Handstand
Favourite spots: Kerama Islands / Araha beach / Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park
Comments: Myplace is your place.  See you guys in Okinawa!!

Staff wanted!

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