Polish Traveler’s Life in Okinawa


Hello! My name is Mateusz and I’m 22 years old Polish guy travelling around Japan on working holiday visa. Naha city is a second place a visited in Japan, right after Fukuoka where I spent one month.  I’m here in Okinawa for already almost 5 months. I started from Naha and after went to Kerama islands where I was living for 2 months in the biggest island from the archipelago- Tokashiki. This enormously beautiful and peacefull place left me with many chill memories about the wild beaches with turtles swimming few meters from the coast, little but still scary reef sharks and many many different fishes. It’s a perfect place to escape the city noise and relax in nature with a very nice local people. After Kerama I decided to go back to Naha and spend some time in MyPlace. To be honest at the beginning I was thinking to stay here for at least one month but right now when I write this blog it’s been almost two months I’m here and I really want to stay even longer although I’m not a big fan of Naha! Ironic. Even though I don’t like Naha there is still plenty things to do around here. You can enjoy great food, bars, museums and other things that you can usually find in a bigger city cause Naha is definitely not a small one. The best way to move around the city is I think by bicycle, you can find some in MyPlace. I highly recommend to go on a trip to southern or northern parts of Okinawa main island if you want to enjoy some nice beaches or just visit places like memorial park or aquarium and last but not least diving! Kerama islands are propably one of the best places to dive in the world! Especially if you hold an license it’s a must do! I really hope to spend more time here in Okinawa but because of Corona situation it might be hard. I wish you my dear reader so that you have a really good time in MyPlace, meet many amazing people and fully enjoy this amazing tropical island!